Nov 182009

Source: About Axios

“Axios Institute is dedicated to the study of human values, both the valuations that we make and the ways that we go about making them. In addition to the study of values, our field includes what is commonly referred to as ethics, moral philosophy, and philosophy of life. We are an independent research institute, and are not affiliated with, nor do we propound or express the views of, any particular religion, philosophy, or organized system of thought. On the contrary, our aim is to study a great variety of approaches, and to do so as objectively as possible.”

Preview Selections of books from Axios Press are available as PDF downloads. These include:

  • Alternative Values
  • Alexander Skutch: An Appreciation
  • The Beguiling Serpent: A Re-evaluation of Emotions and Values
  • The Words of Jesus
  • A Question of Values: Six Ways We Make the Personal Choices that Shape Our Lives