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Laura Divine, MBA, MCC, is the Co-Founder of Integral Coaching Canada Inc. (Ottawa, Canada), the coaching partner of the Integral Institute and Integral Life. A Masters graduate of Executive Programs from Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, she co-developed the Integral Coaching® application of Integral Theory. She is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, is Integral Coaching Canada’s Senior Teacher/Faculty Trainer and also teaches Tai Chi.

Source: Integral Coaching Canada, Inc.

Laura Divine

Laura has been practicing in the field of coaching for over twenty years and she brings extensive leadership and business management experience to her ability to directly apply Integral Coaching® in complex settings. While living in her hometown of San Francisco, Laura spent fifteen years in the telecommunications industry accumulating comprehensive executive experience in leadership, business effectiveness, change management, total quality systems, strategic planning, and coaching implementation within large scale systems.

Since 1995, she has focused exclusively on the discipline of coaching and understanding adult human development. She has been an attentive student of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and also completed the inaugural offering of the Integral Life Practice program through the Integral Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 2004.

While well known as the co-developer of the trade-marked Integral Coaching® method and process, Laura is also held as a pioneer in the field of coaching in Canada’s capital. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) coupled with her unparalleled experience in field of coaching, Laura’s work in developing standards for this profession has enabled large Canadian organizations to distinguish among various coaching approaches during times when an extensive range of coaching was flooding the marketplace and decision-making was challenging and complex. Her expertise has been called on by the Federal Government and leading private sector organizations in implementing coaching programs nation-wide. She has helped to establish the highest standards for the coach selection process in many organizations. Coaches, clients and organizations continue to benefit from her dedication to excellence in all facets of the field of Integral Coaching®.

Laura has provided her in-depth training and workshops in Canada and the United States. Laura currently sits on the executive management team of the Integral Coaching & Consulting Centre of the Integral Institute. Laura is a long-term practitioner of tai chi and has begun teaching tai chi in the shortened Yang-family form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing. She is a proud holder of this lineage as well. Laura has an active Integral Life Practice and continues to dive more deeply into her spiritual development and application of AQAL principles in her life.

Divine offers free articles at her corporate web site:

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