Sep 212010

Mother’s Favorite Brownie Recipe

by David Satterlee

One day, it occurred to Mother to make brownies for her family. We all loved her brownies; Father, Mother and all four children. We would nab crumbs from each others’ plates, and complain if another received what appeared to be a larger portion. Yes, this would be a fine desert to offer as a treat after our supper.

After retrieving the pan from the oven, letting it cool, and applying a glaze of extra chocolate across the top, Mother stopped to admire the product of her labor. Surely she deserved a small reward for her efforts on this and many other days. Besides, it would be best that all portions be as close to equal as possible. So thinking, she trimmed the edges from all four sides, and while watching the wrens sport in the yard outside her kitchen window, she treated herself to these few modest trimmings.

Returning to her work, she carefully divided the remaining bulk of the pan into twelve equal squares; six for tonight’s supper, and six to be reserved for the morrow. Noticing a piece that was slightly oversized, she shaved a small bit from one side and popped it into her mouth. In this manner, she consumed the entire pan.

Copyright 2010, David Satterlee

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  • gentle_enigma

    I loved this!! It’s short, sweet, easy to read, and the ending caught me totally by surprise. I love writing that surprises me.