Nov 272009

Source: Integral Institute – Scholars

image Edith Friesen is a published author, writing coach, and workshop leader. Edith lives with her husband in Winnipeg, Canada. She has a B.Ed. and an M.A. in Communications Studies and is working on several projects around Integral writing.



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[Editing assistance credit to Edith Friesen] Evolving city intelligences mesh, multiply and integrate all city capacities. This book makes courageous placemaking connections, opens up new relationship pathways, brings hope for solving intractable problems and shows how cities are learning. Integral City takes an evolutionary perspective for city resilience.

Chapters explore:
• 4 meta-maps for city wholeness
• Bio-psycho-cultural-social intelligences for city change
• 12 appreciative inquiries for evolutionary direction
• Meshworking strategies for city learning
• Integral Vital Signs Monitors for city wellbeing
• 12 sets of simple rules for complex adaptiveness

Integral City will appeal to anyone interested in creating conditions in which our cities can evolve intelligently beyond the challenges of the 21st century.