Nov 212009

Source: Integral Institute – Scholars

Jack Crittenden, PhD, has for years been interested in what Voltaire called
the two poles of life—government and spirituality. Currently he teaches
political theory at Arizona State University and continues with his own
spiritual practice and investigations. He is a founding member of Integral

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The educator John Dewey wrote that "Democracy has to be born anew
every generation, and education is its midwife." This title examines the
theoretical underpinnings of democratic education with radical solutions
for the overhaul of a system of civic education dating back to the
Founding Fathers.
  In the examination of the conception of human nature, a duality is
commonly perceived–the liberal self as atomistic, self-contained, even
selfish; and the communitarian self as socially situated and defined
through its environment. Crittenden argues that neither view is
acceptable, drawing on recent psychological research to expound on a
theory of "compound individuality." This work includes a discussion of
the compound individual as the self of liberalism, as well as a
discussion of the sort of political organization that can generate
personal identity constituted by liberal autonomy and communitarian
  Background report of the Seventy-Seventh Arizona Town Hall, prepared
by Arizona State University.