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Source: Integral Institute – Scholars

Beth J. Jowdy is currently an Assistant Professor in the Sport Management Department at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her areas of academic concentration include experiential learning, reflection, and Integral Theory with a special interest in grassroots event management.

Source: Southern New Hampshire University

Sheehan, Elizabeth


Dr. Sheehan teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. Her courses include: Introduction to Sport Management, Governance and Management of Sport Organizations, Sport Event Sponsorship, Sport Event Marketing & Management, Leadership and Sport Event Management. Specialty areas: experiential learning, reflection, integral theory, leadership and organizational development, and grassroots sport event management.




  The use of experiential activities and reflection as methods to enhance social and emotional learning is commonly accepted in higher education. It is believed that through experience-based courses students deepen and possibly alter presently held assumptions when classroom experiences allow students to practice skills and reflect on behaviors that simulate "real-world" situations. However, how is it that experience-based courses develop the emotional competencies necessary for students to effectively manage themselves and others in the workplace and in life? This study examines the impact of a sport event management course on students’ emotional competency. Specifically, this study answers the question: Can a semester-long experience-based course increase students’ emotional competency when students are not introduced to emotional intelligence theory. The book is addressed to faculty and academic administrators in higher education. Since a popular misconception associated with experiential learning is that the outcomes are subjective and difficult to measure, the results of this study will also be of interest to individuals involved with any form of experiential education.