Dec 062009

Source: Integral Institute – Scholars

Source: Integral+Life

image Paul Landraitis discovered Ken Wilber’s work in 1983 and quickly became an ardent student of the Integral approach. He received his M.A. in Buddhist and Western psychology from Naropa University that same year and now has over 20 years experience applying Integral approaches to helping people resolve relationship problems, overcome mental and emotional disorders, live an authentically happy life, and develop their capacity to contribute to the greater common good. He has sought wide-ranging professional experience as a psychotherapist, coach, adult educator, consultant, and mental health researcher in order to deepen his own understanding of human potential and serve people by bringing Integral insight to these tumultuous times.

Landraitis is listed as an Executive Coach at Stagen Leadership Institute

Landraitis is listed as a Consultant at Integral Development Associates