Dec 062009

iconIs it possible to find or create work with purpose and passion and still earn a good living? For years, Professor Mark Albion, Harvard Business School wunderkind, entrepreneur, and Fortune 500 consultant, asked himself this question. Then, in 1988, Albion quit his job … and began a life of service to others. On Finding Work That Matters, Dr. Mark (as he is known to his several million devoted monthly newsletter readers) invites you to take that same leap of faith. Join the New York Times bestselling author of Making a Life, Making a Living® to start answering the tough but necessary questions to become a working visionary

  • What dreams have I abandoned in order to make a living?
  • What are my true skills — the ones that will bring me the most fulfillment while benefiting others?
  • How much will it actually cost to re-create my life?
  • How did others do it? What lessons do their stories hold?

Taught with intelligence, humor, and many true accounts of those who found meaningful livelihood, Finding Work That Matters is required listening for anyone ready to leave behind a job and discover the fulfillment of making a difference in the world.

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