Nov 262009

Authors: Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Adapted from book review by  switterbug "laughingwild"

“NurtureShock will blow the lid off, turn upside down just about everything previously advocated in parenting books. But not in a confounding way. That is an important ingredient to consider. This book, the way I perceive it, is not intended to upset or horrify you or derail your parenting experience. (Although, by its very nature it does derail previous long-held concepts, but in a compassionate way.) As a matter of fact, it provided clarity into numerous bogus concepts and the pious conditioning that we have been hanging onto for years. Additionally, it offers specific practices and interventions that can be measured rather swiftly in your own home with these changes to your personal parenting skills. As much as this book "shocks," it is not intimidating or finger-pointing at parents (although it does point a finger into disingenuous studies). The accessible and engaging flow of narrative is dotted with levity, lightness, and always benevolence. I read this book in just a few sittings and I retained the information well. It is easy to go back and reference what you read, as the chapters are laid out in an explicit, user-friendly manner.

“The blurbs about this book intrigued me, but I was also skeptical–until I read the first chapter on the inverse power of praise. Parents and guardians–just get ye to a bookstore and read the first chapter. I think you will be galvanized by its immediacy and logic (as well as back-up data) and it will inspire you to continue.”

Don’t miss the chapters on:

  • Race relations
  • Sleep, performance, obesity, and mood
  • Language acquisition
  • Teen re bellion
  • Sibling rivalry
  • IQ and elite school testing
  • Self-control and getting along with others


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