Sep 202010

A Small Collection of Limericks

Written for Dianna Satterlee’s 5th grade Language Arts class as a contrast to the cinquains that they are studying.

I see you’ve a very nice playground
with swings and a ball field and go-round.
But I’d prefer recess
If someone could posses
A nice little puppy blue tick hound.

There once was a school in the mountains
That added some pretty new fountains.
They put in some fishes
And threw coins for wishes,
That they wouldn’t see any shark fins.
     [This one was hard because mountains and fountains are the ONLY two “-ountain” words in English and I needed another one for the 5th line. So, I settled for a one-syllable match with ‘-ins” and actually managed to make it humorous … and led to two more:]

I think I saw sharks in the fish pond;
A shark fin just flashed ‘neath a fern frond.
If I splashed in that place
I’d be gone with no trace
‘cept a yelp that just lasted a second.

There once was a princ’pal named Clark
With hair that glowed red in the dark.
She’d even breath fire
If she found out a liar
And feed them to her captive shark.

Copyright 2009 by David Satterlee

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