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Barrett C. BrownBarrett C. Brown contributes to Integral Sustainability studies, which applies Integral Theory to sustainable development issues.

He also represents Kosmos Journal and the Integral framework at the United Nations.

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Barrett C. Brown. Since 1995, Barrett has worked in nine countries as a consultant and entrepreneur in the areas of leadership, organization development, communications, and sustainability. He has helped launch a dozen organizations, led executive teams through strategic alignment, developed multi-year leadership development programs, delivered leadership initiatives for Fortune 500 executives, and briefed high-level officials at the United Nations Development Programme headquarters and the US State Department. He specializes in the intersection between organization development, leadership development, and global sustainability. A member of Integral Institute since 2002, Barrett is also a senior consultant in the application of the Integral framework. He serves as Co-Director of the Integral Sustainability Center, which leverages the Integral framework to advance sustainable development issues. Barrett represents Kosmos Journal and the Integral framework at the United Nations, holding UN consultative status. He is an advisory board member for: US-based Kosmos Journal, an integrally informed journal on global issues; the Australian-based Shift Foundation, which develops emerging global leaders; and Canadian-based, focusing on urban sustainability issues. In addition to consulting, mentoring, and research, he also regularly contributes articles to AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. Barrett has presented and trained widely, including at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (side event), US State Department, John F. Kennedy University, the School for International Training, the Bioneers conference, and the Spiral Dynamics Integral Conference on Natural Design. Barrett has also used his fluency in Spanish and Portuguese to translate several business books and lecture on leadership. Barrett’s undergraduate studies include English Literature and Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley. He holds an MA in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, and is currently engaged in doctoral research in Leadership Development for Sustainability through an executive Ph.D. program at Fielding.

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