Jun 072011

See a series of four videos below. This is an inspiring hoot!

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema theatre in Austin, Texas, USA, has a no-texting policy. They evicted one patron who called back and left an irate and profane voice message.

I applaud the Drafthouse for exposing the poor behavior, language, diction, and syntax  displayed by this (former) customer — while standing unabashedly firm instead of curling up and whimpering “please don’t yell at me.”

[ The first video contains profanity.]


And, you can’t say that they don’t give fair warning:


But, it just keeps on getting better. Ann Richards (1933-2006), the no-nonsense, big-haired, quick-witted former Governor of Texas appears in this Drafthouse clip:


Their sense of humor is further demonstrated in this safety video:

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