Dec 192009
  • Lecture 7 – Conscious of the Present; Conscious of the Past: Language (cont.); Vision and Memory

    This lecture finishes the discussion of language by briefly reviewing two additional topics: communication systems in non-human primates and other animals, and the relationship between language and thought.

  • The majority of this lecture is then spent on introducing students to major theories and discoveries in the fields of perception, attention and memory. Topics include why we see certain visual illusions, why we don’t always see everything we think we see, and the relationship between different types of memory.

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  • Lecture 8 – Conscious of the Present; Conscious of the Past: Vision and Memory (cont.)

    In this lecture, Professor Bloom reviews the basic psychological research on memory.

  • Specific topics covered include the different memory types, memory limitations, strategies that improve memory, and memory disorders.

  • This lecture also includes a discussion of several important social implications for memory research, such as recovered memories, and the influence of suggestibility on eyewitness testimony.

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