Jan 152010

Source: “Pursuing Human Strengths,” Martin Bolt, Introduction

The field of positive psychology embraces a particular set of perceptions:

1. We create our personal and social worlds. High-functioning people take responsibility for dynamically exercising opportunities for choice, change, and control.

2. We cannot control all elements of our personal and social worlds. Recognizing these external constraints improves our choices.

3. Scientific research is especially important for accurately understanding the relationships between the subjective elements considered by positive psychology.

4. Positive psychology has been not so much newly invented as newly emphasized. Concepts of virtues, values, and character are of long and enduring interest.

5. Psychology has allowed us to develop objectives scales to quantify human strengths and their biological, environmental, and cognitive influences.

6. While psychology conducts research on value judgments, it must be recognized that value judgments affect the conduct of research. No part of human development can be studied in isolation. For instance, we require both autonomy and relatedness.