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Adapted from: " Spiral Dynamics and the Palestinian-Israel Conflict" and interview between Jeff Salzman and Don Beck. 1 of 4 in integral Profiles: Don Beck. Ref:

Second tier (yellow) interventions, while still having access to green sensitivity and inclusive values, are more "holistic," but tend to be less into sensitivity and more into results and design. While green believes that the highest level of caring is in saying, "I like you, I love you, let’s join hands and hearth. " Yellow interventions seek to assist people to find their natural habitat.

In education, for instance, instead of seeking to pick up stragglers and saying "no child left behind," yellow will seek "each child to full potential." This higher level of caring recognizes genetic and cultural differences; it seeks to build habitats of allow people to become who they are.

Effective natural designs for national interventions require us to map the existing value systems in the context of that country’s history and geography. Claire Graves held that, " all you can do is help a country to become what is next for it to become." It is unrealistic to believe that a utopian vision can be unilaterally or quickly invoked. It is only practical to seek to do what comes naturally next for them. Anything too ambitious will not succeed.

Good "cultural cartographers" can see and reveal hidden contours to leadership so that they can better-address their issues. Of course, solving any set of problems will create a new set of problems in their place. Personal development involves transcending and including, but national leadership demands transcending and anticipating. Eventually, a higher level of conditions will allow that developing culture to address their next set of higher level problems.

It is not appropriate to assume that everybody should or can quickly jumped to a higher level of development. Not everybody can be or should be expected to be at the same place. People have a right to be who they are. People who have climbed a ladder should not imagine that they can throw that letter down and expect everyone else to get up in a single bound.

A healthy society, irrespective of developmental level, has all of its systems in a healthy mode. For instance, a "purple" society, whose highest level of caring is based on family relationships, can quickly draw together to meet the crisis.