Dec 112010

Quoted (with minor edits) from: " Spiral Dynamics and the Palestinian-Israel Conflict" and interview between Jeff Salzman and Don Beck. 1 of 4 in integral Profiles: Don Beck. Ref:

"A healthy blue culture addresses the problems created by red. Each of the systems depends on the others. You have to think within the flow of the systems. There is read egocentric, lack of impulse control, lack of focus, lack of moral compass, then we know it produces a place like Afghanistan and some of our inner cities.

"In Palestine we studied what is next for red. A Palestinian red-purple is not going to be able to form a stable separate state. So, one of our purposes was to elevate a version of blue:" sacrifice self now to obtain later."

That’s all the blue code is. "I suppress the lower red egocentric system in order to stabilize." To equate red only with religion, or any kind of Islam is a serious mistake. So even in Palestine there will be a version of the blue code. If it is Islamic jihad, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-west then there is going to be a holy war like Northern Ireland for generations to come.

What we were explaining to Palestinian leaders is that certainly blue is next but, let’s talk about the content of it. So, in the conference that we had with 700 Palestinian leaders in Bethlehem, the speeches did not talk about Israel or even the occupation. They asked how can we develop our culture and give our children some modicum of control and stable neighborhoods? Instead of saying how can we have a high tech factory here that might disappear next year, they said we want a cement factory. Because a cement factory has a rhythm of 8-5 work, retirement programs, Health Care programs, with a guarantee of a market just down the road as they build a lot of buildings is a much better economic opportunity. This builds in the blue zone. It’s not about religion. It’s about the kind of steady work, sacrifice, and neighborhoods that forms the basis of our own country.

"The blue system can have aspects of patriotism and religion but gives children opportunities and goals that are as healthy as they can be. It may not be expressed in the same way that it was in the United States but it has to occur. The kids in our program on the West Bank are astute and well educated but their frustration comes from not being able to find jobs so they become vulnerable too extremist influences. We’re not just setting a new direction, but are also teaching the theory of dynamic social development. They get it so quickly, it’s just amazing. Their minds are not as contaminated by modern entities or materialism.

I don’t think that you can say you can never resolve the issues here. Some of the issues have been around for thousands of years, but we can go in and say " let’s do a design conference for a future state, the Hong Kong of the Middle East or whatever you want to call it. Let’s build a vision of a possible healthy system. This changes the focus away from the competitive mode of typical win-lose negotiations.

"What we’re talking about can work. We’ve had experience with it. Many outside players are seeking to satisfy their own agendas. This is not helpful but we’re still hopeful and want you up. The seed has been planted and it is growing. Instead of taking a forceful imperialistic approach, we emphasize the versions of "natural designs" that meets the needs of real people and meets people at their existing levels in a healthful way. "