Mar 042012

I woke up in the middle of the night with a fully-realized insight:
”Liberals are just former conservatives who have relearned the True Meaning of Christmas.”

If you do a Google image search of “true meaning of Christmas,” you find lots of Christmas trees, mangers, and Peanuts kids. That’s stop one; that’s for conservatives. If you keep looking very hard you find some different images that emphasize expressions of love, being compassionate, doing good, teaching, serving, feeding, and healing.


Yeah, you’vejust kinda gotta go with the tender, caring spirit of that last one.

One last comment in closing:

Jesus was “the good shepherd.” He washed feet, gathered children to himself,  recommended being a “good Samaritan,” fed the hungry, and healed the sick.

Jesus showed compassion for the 99%: the poor and the common people including sinners, lepers, tax collectors, and prostitutes.

On the other hand, Jesus really had it in for parasites such as money changers in the temple (who, instead of laboring, were making money off of others by exchanging money) and Pharisees (who were religious lawmakers who “tied heavy burdens upon others”).

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