Sep 242010

Self Improvement – Exerting Influence and Gaining Compliance

Our predictable social responses

As "social animals" we are responsive to certain common preconceived notions and powerful trigger situations. Our reflex reactions are really very predictable. They form the necessary fabric of our society. We are taught and often disciplined to respect authority, conserve valuable resources, make friends and protect the helpless.

For some of you it may be shocking to realize how much advertising is crafted to motivate us and how much of what we say too others pushes social reflexes. On the other hand, it’s good to be aware of such influences. Awareness means that we can be in better control of how we respond and that we can be less callous or clumsy in how we treat others.

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Sep 242010

The Theory of “Completed Staff Work”

Completed staff work is the study of a problem and indicates the presentation of a solution, with alternatives, to the manager, so that all that remains to be done on the part of the manager is to indicate approval or disapproval of the completed action. The words "completed action" are emphasized because the more difficult the problem is, the more the tendency is to present the problem and recommended action to the manager in piecemeal fashion. It is your duty as a staff member to work out details.

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Dec 062009
Source: Centre of Applied Positive Psychology

CAPP, or the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology, are the world leaders in the organisational applications of strengths and positive psychology.

We deliver a pioneering approach to business and HR consulting. Our interventions enable individuals and organisations to understand and harness their strengths, at the same time as managing their weaknesses. The result is enhanced performance – for individuals and the organisations that employ them.

Our mission is Strengthening the World. Through every application of strengths and positive psychology, our aim is to leave you stronger.