Apr 252012

Please watch and share these trailer videos about the activities of the Koch Brothers to undermine important functions of our Americans government for their own profit.

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Dec 112010

Adapted from: " Spiral Dynamics and the Palestinian-Israel Conflict" and interview between Jeff Salzman and Don Beck. 1 of 4 in integral Profiles: Don Beck. Ref: http://integrallife.com/node/47929

Second tier (yellow) interventions, while still having access to green sensitivity and inclusive values, are more "holistic," but tend to be less into sensitivity and more into results and design. While green believes that the highest level of caring is in saying, "I like you, I love you, let’s join hands and hearth. " Yellow interventions seek to assist people to find their natural habitat.

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Sep 242010

The Theory of “Completed Staff Work”

Completed staff work is the study of a problem and indicates the presentation of a solution, with alternatives, to the manager, so that all that remains to be done on the part of the manager is to indicate approval or disapproval of the completed action. The words "completed action" are emphasized because the more difficult the problem is, the more the tendency is to present the problem and recommended action to the manager in piecemeal fashion. It is your duty as a staff member to work out details.

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Nov 172009

Source: Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

“The United States must change the way it produces and uses energy by shifting away from its dependence on imported oil and coal-fired electricity and by increasing the efficiency with which energy is extracted/captured, converted, and utilized if it is to meet the urgent challenges facing the energy system, of which climate change and energy security are the most pressing.  This will require the improvement of current technologies, and the development of new transformative ones, particularly if the transition to a new energy paradigm is going to be timely and cost-effective. [Click link, above for full story.]

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