Feb 022012

Donald Trump

“The Apprentice” – “You’re Fired” is the inevitable payoff for watching. [It was a game show.]

Mitt Romney

“I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” [Talking about insurance companies] [It was a “misquote.”]

Ron Paul

Wants to fire many, many incompetent government employees and excess public servants. [It is a philosophy.]

Dick Cheney

Fires on his hunting buddy, a 78-year old Texas attorney on 2/11/2006 [It was an accident]

Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gaddafi

Liked to fire off their guns, heir mouths, their advisors, and their citizens. Perhaps they were the perfect metaphors for what eventually happens to people who really like to fire things. [It was not an accident]

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Feb 272011

Religion, Science, and Truth

by David Satterlee

Both religion and science build theoretical models to explain observations. Sometimes the models work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes sacrificing infants to Baal brings productive crops, sometimes bleeding a patient breaks a fever. Most cultures have rejected both of these discredited concepts (religious and scientific, respectively) while even science often fails to distinguish between correlation and cause.

Even having a thoroughly-consistent theory does not establish truth. Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully treats “spleen deficiency” for problems totally unrelated to our anatomical spleen’s function. Both religious and secular authorities have found themselves needing to adjust their accepted doctrine from time to time. Most religions hold a very tenuous claim to truth by faith when you consider that current beliefs (like language, culinary tastes, and DNA) can usually be traced to the intersecting influences of earlier cultures and societies. Continue reading »